Key Features

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Go Beyond the Document

Receive additional information alongside any signature in your Harbour agreement workflow.

  Turn your workflows into customizable and branded experiences to capture more than just the information in the contract

  Make agreements creator-friendly and easy to understand with Harbour agreement workflows,
e.g. add yes/no questions to clarify key terms

   Require a signer to upload a video or have talent take a selfie all within the agreement workflow

Organize, Track, and Search

Track every contract from creation to close, and all of the steps in between.

  Organize contracts your way. Unlimited folders and sub-folders with built-in sharing and permissions

   Auto tag and track every agreement with fast and powerful search across all of your contracts

   Turn agreement data into actions and automate processes across your company, e.g. auto-add expiration dates to a team’s Google Calendar


Send Links not PDFs

Turn your agreements into mobile-friendly links and QR codes for seamless document reviews and e-signatures.

   Send a single Harbour agreement link to one person or hundreds of people. All signers can view the full-length agreement within the agreement link

  Watch executed contracts flow into Harbour’s contract management system

   Turn your agreements into QR codes for touchless, on-site e-signature


Store Content with Contracts

Harbour supports the ability to handle contract execution and content delivery in a single workflow.

   Keep contracts and their associated content (photos, videos, audio, text, etc.) bundled together

   Harbour auto tags all images and videos with computer vision for seamless content search 

   Export all of these items elsewhere to other systems, e.g. auto-send newly cleared content to Slack


Edit Live Templates and Contracts

Edit fields in a document after it's sent without the need to create a new agreement.

  Leverage pre-built templates to ensure only specific fields can be edited, e.g. allow teammates to select pre-approved renewal language from a clause dropdown menu

   Made a typo or need to make a last-minute edit after sending? Easily update a contract before it’s signed without overwhelming recipients with email updates and voided contracts

   Admin users can view and edit agreements created across their organization for frictionless collaboration

You Have Questions? We Have Answers

Does Harbour integrate with other systems?

Yes! We are called Harbour because we are a safe and secure place to store all of your signed contracts. We make this information even more valuable by keeping it moving. Our platform is built to send any piece of data from a contract to whichever system you prefer.

Do I have to send agreements through email?

Nope! Harbour keeps the personal collaboration in the contract process and turns agreements into links. In addition to email, you can DM a license agreement link to someone on Instagram, send a W9 link on your company’s Slack channel, or turn Talent Releases into QR codes and have them printed at the entrance of your production set.

Why do creators around the world prefer to sign agreements through Harbour?

Contract recipients and Creators do not have to log in to Harbour to sign their agreements. Harbour’s Agreement Workflows allow for a more equitable and faster signing experience. Harbour supports localizing agreements and can power workflows in any language. Make signing agreements personal with custom banners/logos, deliver/receive assets within the signing process, and capture all of the information needed to start collaborating and avoid endless follow-on email threads.

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