The future of agreements

For businesses with high contract volumes, Harbour is powering easy-to-automate workflows before, during, and after contracts are signed.

Harbour e-sign

This is next-generation contract management

From bulk signing to redlining, Harbour brings speed and automation to the entire contract lifecycle.


Search and extract in seconds

AI-powered intelligence at your fingertips


Harbour searches the complete text inside every document – highlighting the key words.

machine learning

Machine-learning helps offer auto-complete suggestions based on your specific document language.

AI Extraction

Use our AI to extract key terms, calculate dates and highlight desired information inside your documents.

Fast templates

Streamline document editing with pre-built templates.

Group Frictionless collaboration

Admin users can publish and update templates across their organization. Ensure everyone uses the latest document versions.

Group (1) Power tools

Select specific fields and pre-approved language effortlessly with conditional logic, dropdowns, and URL parameters.

Group Quick fix

Need to make a last-minute edit after sending? Easily update a contract before it’s signed without voiding and resending.

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Real-time editing

Edit live templates and contracts until they’re signed.


Make changes to live agreements with a click of a button

Your current link updates automatically - no need for a new link.


Redline and collaborate

Skip the hassle of emailing versions back and forth between multiple parties. Collaborate all in one space within Harbour.


Compare and manage versions

Save document versions as you go. Compare documents and view line-by-line content and formatting differences.


Go from negotiations to signature in just a few clicks

Transition any editable document into a signable agreement directly from Harbour's editor.

Live dashboard

Keep documents moving with real-time tracking.

Group (1) Efficient workflow

Keep your documents moving quickly by tracking the status of agreements in real-time, from initial view to final signature.

Vector (1) Awaiting my review

Review and sign documents awaiting your attention with ease, ensuring timely completion.

Group Team collaboration

Admins can track agreement statuses across teams, preventing delays caused by internal or external parties.

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Scales with your existing applications

Harbour keeps contract data moving to where you need it.


Send any piece of agreement data or associated file into third-party systems (Salesforce, Slack, Airtable, etc) instantly.


Optimize your existing in-house systems with Harbour to scale your legal workflows.

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