Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Why do creators around the world prefer to sign agreements through Harbour?
It’s purpose-built for creative people, much easier to share and sign on the go, and can be customized with your branding. We understand that our customers need to move quickly so we built a solution that’s fast and easy to use.
Is there a free trial available?
We offer something better! You can sign up for Harbour today and send up to 5 agreements per month, with unlimited users, free of charge.
What do you mean by “unlimited users”?
We don't charge more when you add users to your Harbour workspace. This allows you to easily add trusted contacts to your account without having to pay more.
Do the people I send documents to need to pay anything or sign up?
It is free and easy to sign a document at Harbour, no log in or sign up required.
Can I send and sign on my mobile device?
Signing on mobile devices is the most popular way that Harbour contracts are completed today. You can also text/DM links or send QR codes to allow the signer to quickly pull up the document on their device.
Can I change my plan later?
You have the option to change you plan to take effect at the end of each billing cycle. When you upgrade your Harbour plan, you are committing to either monthly or annual billing.
Will my monthly/annual subscription be renewed automatically?
Yes. To prevent interruption, we automatically renew at the end of each billing period.
What is your cancellation policy?
You can downgrade your account at any time. If you need to immediately close your account, please contact our support team within your account.
Does Harbour have an API and integrate with other systems?
Yes! We are called Harbour because we are a safe and secure place to store all of your signed contracts, while keeping your data moving. Our platform is built to send any piece of data from a contract to whichever system you prefer. Check out our Developer Hub to review our API documentation and learn more.
Are eSignatures legally binding?
Yes! Specific details can be found in the E-Sign Act that passed on October 1, 2000.

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