Who We Are

Harbour is dedicated to revolutionizing the way the creator economy executes and manages contracts.

Based in San Francisco, Harbour began with a goal of empowering creators. Specifically, relieving the pain of working in dated​ workflows around rights, permissions, and content acquisition.

Whether it’s getting permission to use a video from social media, executing a contract with talent, or sending out NDAs, Harbour provides scalable and secure tools for all forms of agreements.

We are charting new standards for digital contracting and would love to welcome you along on the journey, either as a customer, partner or teammate.

Meet The Team

Josh Elkes

Josh Elkes

Co-founder & CEO

Eric Doversberger

Eric Doversberger

Co-founder & CTO

2022-09-23 - Crawford BW Angle 1000 LG

Chris Crawford



Fatima AlSaadeh

Director of Engineering and Head of Search

Caio Pizzol headshot

Caio Pizzol

Senior Software Engineer, Data & Analytics

Matthew Connelly

Matthew Connelly

UX Engineer


Artem Nistuley

Front-end Software Engineer

Missy Fox

Melissa (Missy) Fox

Senior Customer Success Manager

Tony Perez

Tony Perez

Senior Account Executive

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Nicolas Bernal

Full Stack Engineer


Andrii Orlov

Full Stack Engineer


Courtney Pardini

Customer Success Manager

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