Our story

Harbour is dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses execute and manage contracts.

Our backgrounds are in content-driven agreements, data visualization and making easy-to-use products.

Based in San Francisco, Harbour began with a goal of empowering creators. Specifically, relieving the pain businesses experience when working with a high volume of repetitive contracts and licenses. We set out to solve this problem by establishing a new digital signature and contract management standard, one that starts from a place of trust and ends with a platform that is as beautiful as it is secure.​

Dated workflows around rights, permissions, and content acquisition have exposed a widening gap between the speed and scale at which businesses need to legitimately operate, and the enterprise tools that are currently available. Harbour closes this gap with an easy-to-use visual platform that is made for anyone sending out and managing contracts.

Whether it’s getting permission to use a video from social media, executing a contract with a freelancer, or sending out NDAs, Harbour provides scalable and secure tools for all forms of agreements.

We are charting new standards and would love to welcome you along on the journey, either as a customer, partner or teammate.

Our Leadership

Josh Elkes


Having spent 10 years at Viacom, Downtown Music, and Getty Images, Josh's focus has always been to empower creators while keeping integrity in their work.

Outside of his work, Joshua loves to run Ultra Marathons (has run across Haiti four times), cycling, and sits on the non-profit boards and leadership committees of organizations including the NY Public Library, James Beard Foundation, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Eric Doversberger


A technology strategist on Google’s People Analytics team for 10+ years, with deep specialization in interactive data visualization. Eric’s work includes building reporting systems, researching and prototyping new data analysis techniques, and social graph mapping. Before joining Google in 2007, he was a NSF-funded researcher at the Mathematics Department of Brown University as well as a data analyst intern with the Vanguard Group. He has spoken about applied data visualization at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca Film Institute, Stanford, MIT, the United Nations, and more.

Kevin Rochford


With 10+ years experience working with the licensing of intellectual property, beginning at EMI Music Publishing (now Sony/ATV) and continuing at Getty Images, Kevin’s career has always revolved around one thing: ensuring artists are compensated for their work.

Kevin has managed contracts and developed enterprise-level partnerships with the largest teams in Tech, Media and Music -- Most recently: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Amazon.