Before you proceed with signing your document(s), please review the information below regarding our process:

Hardware/Software Requirements: To complete the execution of your document(s), you will need a recent version of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and/or Chrome browser. You should also have pop-ups disabled while using this system. Additionally, you must also have an email address in order to receive a copy of the document(s) you sign and to be able to download or print the document(s) for your records.

Consent to Proceed Electronically: By submitting a signed document, you are consenting to using this electronic process only to sign the document(s) which were sent to you via link and to receiving a copy of same electronically. Entering your email address where indicated and/or submitting your drawn signature where indicated, constitutes an electronic signature and has the same legally binding effect as if you had signed the document(s) in ink.

Withdrawal of Your Consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent to sign any further document(s) electronically. However, withdrawal of your consent will not invalidate any document(s) you signed prior to withdrawing your consent. You may withdraw your consent by emailing Harbour at

Responses to Questions: Your responses to all questions throughout the electronic process will be recorded and made part of your electronically signed documents.

Proceeding By Traditional Paper Process: You have the option to complete this process using the traditional paper and hard copy signature process. You must contact the Company or Individual who sent you the document link if you wish to do so.

Obtaining A Paper Copy: You may request to receive a paper copy of the document(s) you signed by emailing Harbour at You will be charged $5 per page for copying and $20 to cover shipping/handling.

Updating Your Contact Information: Please note that it is your responsibility to update the Company or Individual who sent you the document link regarding any changes to your contact information.

Harbour's Privacy and Security System: Please review the Harbour privacy policy By entering your data into the Harbour system, you agree and consent to the processing, use, and transfer of your personal data as outlined in the privacy policy.

By electronically signing and submitting an agreement, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the above and consent to signing your document(s) electronically. If you decline to sign electronically, please contact the Company or Individual who sent you the document link in order to proceed via the traditional paper process.

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